All the below became moot when Richard Perle conceded that the invasion of Iraq had been illegal:

317 teachers of law from 87 law schools in the U.S. denounced the plans for war with Iraq:

2003 Iraq War; The "New World Order" in Practice, (bad link), local transcript:

2003 Iraq War; Iraq War - Legality without a UN Mandate, (bad link), local transcript:

1991 Gulf War; One might contrive a tortured legal argument to support U.S./UK claims, though no one really tried.  Read how in this essay, search for "contrive a tortured":

2003 Iraq War; The U.S. is outside the law, even it's own law.  See and

2003 Iraq War; "Military Necessity or War Crimes?", local transcript at ,  originals at #1: ,  #2: ,  #3:  --  This series clearly show both that the 2003 Iraq war is and was illegal in all respects and also that it was not justifiable by any "Military Necessity" either.  In short, it is and was a War Crime.

2003 Iraq War; An Annotated Critique of President George W. Bush's March 17 Address Preparing the Nation for War.  See

U.S. contempt for the Rule of Law  See

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