U.S. contempt for the Rule of Law

Another fine example of U.S. contempt for the Rule of Law is how U.S. media ridiculed and derided the Judgment of the International Court of Justice.  The U.S. in the 80's gave substantial support to Saddam Hussein at the same time that he commited his worst crimes.  In the 80's the U.S. also fought a big war in Central America that left about 200,000 tortured and mutilated dead, millions of orphans and refugees and four countries ravaged.  The U.S. was convicted by the International Court in Hague for International Terrorism -- for illegal use of violence in a sentence listing almost 300 reasons and 16 discrete decisions saying either that the U.S. are in the wrong or that the U.S. must make reparation for all injury caused to Nicaragua by the unlawful actions of the U.S. [ Case No 70 of 28th June 1986 - Nicaragua -v- United States of America PDF format 137 pages ].  The U.S. ignored the judgment and instead increased the violence until the democratic Nicaraguan government eventually was overthrown.  The U.S. also blocked a Security Council resolution that would have declared that all countries must abide by international law.

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